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Many people are frightened by the idea of ​​an independent travel organization. Budget planning, language barrier, security issue – all these are fully justified reasons for concern. But you should not be afraid, just a few simple tips and tricks will help you not only completely plan your trip, but also get pleasure from it.

Until departure

Check the account status

There is nothing worse than being in a foreign country with a blocked bank card. Many banks block transactions made from atypical sites for you, suspecting that someone else is illegally using the card. To avoid this happening during your trip, do not forget to warn your bank in advance about the trip – many companies allow you to do this through the online banking system. This simple action will allow you to make purchases anywhere without fear of being blocked. At the oceania travel market you will be having the best deals now.

A penny a Dollar protects

Sometimes the price for a long stay is lower than for a shorter one. Before you confirm the reservation, compare the prices for the week and the month of your stay. Do not be afraid to ask the landlord about the conditions and cost. Such an approach will help you not only to save, but also to learn more about the owner of the house. Ask all the questions you are interested in: whether it provides Wi-Fi and a hairdryer and whether you can recommend the best cafes and bars.

In solitude, but not alone

For those who have enough of their own company on the trip, but who also appreciate communication and want to see the city through the eyes of a local resident, there is nothing better than staying in one house with a hospitable host. Be sure to read reviews from previous guests before confirming the reservation. And carefully look at the photo of the house to know what to expect.

Save time at the airport

Speed ​​up the baggage claim process. Wait until it appears on the conveyor, it is extremely tedious. Experienced travelers know how to accelerate this process. If you are limited in time, check the airport map in advance and try to travel light. If you have a fragile baggage, be sure to report this at the front desk. In this case, he will be treated not only neatly, but also put on top of the rest of the baggage, which means that he will first appear on the conveyor belt.

Relax on the road

When flying over long distances to stay fresh and to look rested it is almost impossible. The rules of airlines do not contribute to this either. Most of them set a limit on the transportation of liquids and creams in hand luggage (usually up to 100 ml). Experienced travelers often come out of the situation, filling the containers for lenses with your favorite moisturizers and lotions. All this, complete with earplugs and a sleeping mask, will help you to sleep properly in flight. Additional advice: take with you a face mask in vacuum packing, it will be easy to carry on board.